## Gameplay

- Left click to cast magic, press 1,2,3 key to select magic.
- The higher your power is, the more dangerous your magic is.
- Don't crash into walls.
- Don't get caught in explosion.
- Don't fall.
- More magic is unlocked in later levels, so pay attention.

## Magic
- Fireball
 - Explodes when touched walls.
 - Destroies floor and walls with explosion
 - Knockback yourself when fired;
 - Higher power, larger explosion, and further knockback.
- Dash
 - Destroies floor and walls on path.
 - Will not crash into walls during dash.
 - Higher power, further dash distance.
 - Will fall out of map if power is too high.
- Shield
 - Bounces on touching walls.
 - Higher power, more bounce times(1/2 of power).
 - Cannot dash when shield is on.
 - Cannot cast when there is already a shield.
 - Will not disappear until worn out.

## Description
- You're a mage.
- You prepared yourself a powerful magic buff.
- It worked before you realized that it's not a powerful magic buff.
- You're overwhelmed by magic power.
- How much it takes to fixup your mistake? Try to survive!

Published Dec 03, 2017
Made withUnity
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